This is how we take care of you.

At Paqui Calvente, we offer a wide range of treatments tailored to the needs of your skin and body. We will carefully study your case and provide you with the best solution, recommending the products you may need.

We study your skin

Thanks to Vagueggi, we can analyze your skin to understand its needs in depth and offer you the best solution.

Say hello to relaxation

At Paqui Calvente, we want your experience here to be relaxing. With our body treatments, pressotherapy, and diathermy, we aim to make your visit a session of physical rest and mental peace.

Relax We take care of you

At Paqui Calvente, you are in good hands. We will attend to you with care and harmony in an environment free of negative energy.

Vouchers for all treatments

At Paqui Calvente, we also offer you the opportunity to save a lot of money with our vouchers, so you can enjoy the service you need at the best price.

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Specialists in the best treatments in Marbella

At Paqui Calvente, we specialize in the most cutting-edge treatments in Marbella. Our team has extensive experience.

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We offer a wide range of treatments to improve facial and body aesthetics at our Paqui Calvente Esthetic Center. From manicures and pedicures to laser hair removal, waxing, facial and body treatments, diathermy, pressotherapy, wood therapy, dermapen, as well as the exclusive sale of Vagueggi products for natural cosmetics.

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The professional skincare brand recommended by estheticians with the best reviews. A high concentration of natural active ingredients and a custom formulation with the most advanced technologies allow us to offer highly effective cosmetic products, of the highest quality, and safe for your skin.